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Employer Support

We at Key Business Skills understand the struggles many employers are facing at the moment.  The Government has put in a number of initiatives to help employers with growth and also with possible employment.  These can me a minefield for employers to understand.  this is where Key Business Skills can help, in both understanding what is available, what does it mean and how do I access it.  In addition we have further free support in recruitment in order to help business growth and take away the hassles of the recruitment process


Government Funding!

There are various government schemes available to help support your business from Recruiting Staff to gaining Business Support Grants.  This is a potential minefield for employers to navigate and understand what is available and how to access it.  Contact our business support team and understand how we can help by both understanding your business and your business needs and make sense of what is best for your business. 

Reviewing CVs

Free Recruitment

One of Key Business Skills roles is to ensure that those seeking employment are Job Ready and have the necessary Employability Skills required, Key Business Skills aids business in their recruitment through offering free recruitment services.  We will find the CV's, edit the CV's and pre interview individuals in order to ensure you get the right candidates.  We utilise our government funding schemes to undertake this which aids in less recruitment time and gives you more time to concentrate on building your business.  Contact us to find out more or to place a job on our Job Board 

Students Typing at Their Computers

Online Courses

Key Business Skills aims to give employers sector based skills, we have a number of online CPD courses which can be utilised especially within the Health & Safety, Hospitality and Care Sectors.  Many of these courses can be undertaken Free of Charge utilising our own Government Funding Schemes

Contact us to find out more

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